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The Viltrumite-leader could pull off some crazy stuff during the combat, but I see the Kryptonites actually being invulnerable to physical damage (to a certain degree), while the Viltrumites are Viltrumites rely on highly evolved, but highly sensitive, inner ears in order to fly at such high speed. Because of this, their ears are their one anatomical weakness, susceptible to high-frequency sound waves. The only weakness they have is Viltrumites can have mental anguish from a certain signal to their ears. So there is trade off and benefits to both Kryptonians or Viltrumites.

Viltrumite weakness

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Population: Population of this race is unknown. Miscellaneous. Type of Government: Government type unknown. Level of Technology: Technology level unknown. Cultural Traits: Cultural traits unknown. Kryptonians have Super Sense, Freeze Breath, and Heat Vision, and Sun Dipping over Viltrumites.

The only weakness they have is Viltrumites can have mental anguish from a certain signal to their ears.

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I don't think he's weaker than Nolan either. He purposely let him win the arm wrestling match because Anissa (rape-y Viltrumite chick name may be wrong) was watching and he thought if she saw Nolan lose it'd undermine his power.

Viltrumite weakness

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Those who survived were weakened afterwards. Without its army of warriors, the Viltrumite Empire was crippled, but the leaders decided to send false reports about a growing army. They changed tactics and sent only one Viltrumite to conquer a planet and cross-breed. Viltrum was shut off from outside races and ruled on empty threats.

Viltrumite weakness

Arriving  Achilles' Heel: Viltrumites have few weaknesses. Authority Equals Asskicking: Thragg, the head of the Viltrumite Empire, is the strongest, best fighter of his  25 Mar 2011 With Nolan providing information on every possible Viltrumite weakness, the Coalition is able to arm their soldiers with weapons that are  I wake up to a high-pitched noise that made me feel so nauseous and weak that I eyes looking up at me, "You, my son, are a part of the Mighty Viltrumite race. It is revealed that a virus produced by rebels of the Viltrumite empire was a beginner to fighting Omni-Man's rogues gallery, Viltrumites are weak to sound and  Extremely powerful by human standards, the alien Viltrumite race are a brutal, vicious race.
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Their reason for attacking Earth is that human DNA is compatible with Viltrumite; they want to use Earth as a breeding colony. The Viltrumite War is the kind of war you would expect between beings possessing this much power. It’s epic in scope and gets down right vicious at times.

Viltrum was shut off from outside races and ruled on empty threats. Their weaknesses are a virus that was created by the Coalition of Planets called the Scourge Virus and a species of aliens, capable of easily killing a Viltrumite, called Ragnars. Font-size Paragraph Viltrumite Weaknesses Vulnerable Ears : When a Viltrumite's equilibrium in their ears is disturbed, mainly by frequency, it can cause extreme pain and may even possibly kill them.
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Kundrecensioner: Invincible: The Ultimate - Amazon.se

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